Testosterone Deficiency (TD) Stories
On this page you will find real stories of men who suffered from Testosterone Deficiency.
James, 52

James is a part time grocer of 52 years old and has a 2-year history of erectile dysfunction with no morning erections and decreased desire. He has hypertension and high cholesterol levels with a strong family history of type 2 diabetes, both parents and 2 brothers.

His wife, Emma, 40 is very distressed by the loss of their sex life. He is unfit, constantly tired and gets little exercise. After having been diagnosed with testosterone deficiency he was advised to go on testosterone replacement therapy. His testosterone levels got back to a normal range and he is now feeling less tired, working full time in shop and more motivated to initiate sex. James and his wife are delighted.

Frank, 54

Frank is 54. Following a visit to his diabetic clinic he got referred to his GP as his blood test showed a testosterone deficiency. He denied any erectile problems and was indeed still getting erections, his main concern was tiredness, lack of enjoyment in life and lack of libido. This was causing strain on his marriage. He just didn’t feel like sex anymore and couldn’t be bothered to do anything. His GP put him on testosterone replacement therapy – when he came back to his GP his words were the following: “I want to thank you, you have saved my marriage. It would have been so easy for you to just send me out the door with a pill for erectile dysfunction, but you didn’t. My wife is so happy, she is so pleased I came to see you, our sex life has returned to normal, I am playing golf again and I’m feeling less tired”. A blood test confirmed his testosterone levels got back to normal.

Henry, 75

Henry is a retired head teacher of 75 years old suffering from various comorbidities: hypertension, arthritis, type 2 diabetes and obesity.

He came to see his doctor complaining about erectile dysfunction difficulties, but had also been complaining of feeling exhausted and ‘down’ on and off for the past years which he tends to associate with ageing. The doctor suggested Henry had a blood test that showed low testosterone levels. Following testosterone replacement therapy, Henry’s levels of testosterone improved and got back to a normal range where he reported to be more motivated, to get out of his chair and walk the dog whereas before he had no drive, aching, and couldn’t be bothered. On top of it, gradual loss of weight and abdominal girth were noted over the following years.

Neil, 53

Neil is 53-year-old builder and ex sportsman. He got divorced 5 years ago, but has now been in a new relationship for the last 18 months. He initially presented with erectile dysfunction. He was able to get an erection but struggled maintaining it so was unable to have satisfactory intercourse. This was having a detrimental effect on his relatively new relationship. He also mentioned he was struggling with lack of energy in his job. He had always been used to manual labour type jobs and he has always had an active lifestyle but was now suffering with extreme fatigue, lack of motivation and general lethargy. He had also put on significant weight due mainly to an increase in fat mass over the last few years. Being used to an active lifestyle this was causing him to have severe self-confidence issues with respect to his body image and low libido. After a visit to his GP his bloods revealed low levels of testosterone. After 6 months of testosterone replacement therapy his testosterone levels got back to normal, he has lost weight, he has reduced his fat mass and his erections are now sustained. He is enjoying sex again and his libido has improved significantly thus his partner is also pleased and their relationship is healthy. He has returned to the gym, has more energy, his work life has improved and he has a much more positive outlook.